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2005-01-15 22:43:54 (UTC)

Lonely and bored

Well, I was disappointed to find out that my fiance had to
work a double shift today so I won't be able to see him
until almost midnight. I'm so pissed off that we live
together but never get to see each other. My job stinks. I
really wish that I could find a different job. I just can't
believe that I've stayed this long there. It's like
complete hell and I'm all full of stress. My coworkers
don't seem to mind the change and the new team, but I mind
it. Stupid comments from the my new team members have hurt
my feelings and I feel unwelcome. I just wish things hadn't
changed for the worse. I hated my job before the change,
but now it's torture. People say that change makes us
stronger and better people. I say they're full of it. I've
had so much change in the past year it's amazing. I should
be extra strong by now. If only my former supervisor had
told the truth I wouldn't feel so bad right now. She's a
weak woman who has hurt me. she should have just said she
wanted to work part time and that's why our team is
breaking up. NOOOO, she chose to hold that information and
just lied to us all. She should have told the truth. Now
she looks like a complete wimp. I'm just disappointed.

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