2005-01-15 22:40:56 (UTC)


So, it started out so fun. I was getting ready and Mel
knocks at the door. As I was getting my make-up done. She
helped me get into my dress cuz it is so difficult to get
into. My dad finally comes home with food. I got roll
tacos without guacomle cuz I was gonna share with Melinda.
So when we got her we didn't know where to go. Finally
found the place and we were pretty early. We waited around
with Lesly, Cindy and their other friends. I started
dancing and then I asked Mel to go with me to get some
punch. Then we saw Phillip. Wow he was hott! And then we
asked where was Mal and he said that she was in the
bathroom. We ran into the bathroom trying to find Mal. We
saw her and she looked so cute. I loved her dress. After a
while of dancing I finally got my crown and had to dance
with David Whitney cuz he won for Prince. Me and Mal were
the only ones dancing cuz mel felt sick and Philip doesnt
dance. Neways something happened that I have to tell u in
person k nieves. And there is more that i want to tell u
too. Or u can read it in the melindas journal on tuesday if
u want.

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