Random (boring) Thoughts
2005-01-15 21:31:48 (UTC)

Trailer park logic

I've driven through many trailer parks in my day (what can
I say, I love misery). Anyway, I've noticed a disturbing
trend in the decor of most "mobile homes".

No, I'm not talking about NASCAR memorbilia (though I find
it very disturbing). I'm talking about satellite dishes.

They're everywhere in the modern day trailer park. DirecTV,
DISH network, HomeSat, they're all there. It makes me
wonder, how can these people afford better TV than me?

I have come to the conclusion that it is a matter of
priorities. I, like most Americans, choose to live in a
house that is firmly bolted to the ground. Expensive, yes,
but a regular home is very secure. For example, nobody can
hook up a Dodge Ram to my house and tow it to Alabama.

Trailer park residents are different. They are no poorer
than you or me. However, they choose to spend the majority
of their money on television, rather than on the rent
payment. They brave mudslides, twisters, and trailer theft,
living a life totally dedicated to the art of sitting on
their ass and watching TV.

If I were to live in a crappy trailer park, I too could
afford to subscribe to multiple channels of crap. However,
I prefer to live in a standard house, so I stick with basic

It all comes down to the age old Redneck choice: You can
either have a basement, or 800 channels.

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