roni vohs

crying MY regrets
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2005-01-15 21:08:31 (UTC)

this suxz

well right now im not supposed to be online right now..but
oh well no ones home...but anyways im gonna make this short
cuz i dont have anythign to say right now cuz this weekend
is sooo BORING!!!!...i still havent been able to see my
GORGEOUS friend sunny...thats breaking my heart into a
million...i want to see her...well anyways i got a new
bf..his name is matt...his a really kewl person...but i
hope i can see him a lot cuz sometimes he is to into what
he wants to do..which is kewl...well anyways im gonna go
for right now..i have to go scruch my hair now..and put on
make up cuz i just got out of the shower and i look like a
zombie with out make up...soo ttyl

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