Tell-Tale Horrors Of An Insignificant
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2005-01-15 18:26:40 (UTC)

Music_Maniac_69er Reply to your..

Reply to your feedback on my diary
well thanks I guess..Just shows I won't be the same ever
again but in
time I will get over it just the same.

oh for future reference...anyone who replies back gets a
spot on my journal b/c i feel that it should be for
everyone to see, after all it is a public journal.
i don't have anything left to say to music_maniac so i will
leave it at that.

The 1st and 2nd, your romance telephone -- you know, the
one with the special little heart-shaped button that lights
up whenever someone potentially special rings -- is off the
hook. Like church bells on a Sunday. Like a brass band.
Like ... well, you get the idea! Somebody is trying to
reach you, and if you give them half a chance (i.e., answer
the darn phone!) they'll succeed. The 3rd through the 7th,
you (and your special phone) could hit a miniature dry
spell. Don't worry, there's a this-could-be-love storm on
the way, especially on the 14th! Just wait for it to clear
that pesky mountain range, and by the 17th, it'll be
raining whatever you're looking for. The 20th, you could
very well be putting on your special 'dressed to kill'
undershirt and heading to the wild side of town. What will
you find there? Whatever it is, you'll be feeling extra
excited about it the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Do something with
all that pizzazz and have fun! End the month on even more
of a romantic high note than you started it. Rowwwrrr!

i have one thing to say to whoever wrote astrology....FUCK
YOU! that is the biggest bunch of bullshit i have ever
heard in my lifetime. well, i'm gonna start another update
b/c i can't stand to have extremely long entries.

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