Nick's Journal
2005-01-15 18:12:39 (UTC)

I'm gonna have to get a different sense of humor

so what i find funny i've found a lot of people don't
necessary find funny. i'm starting to painfully realize
this at work. you see my first job out of college was
awesome because i worked with a group of people who i could
joke with in my usual manner. stupidly enough i think that
my sense of humor carries on to all demographies.
just the other day i was bitching about a new spanish
station taking over a beloved radio station to my (new)
me - "i mean how are they going to bump anything for an all
spanish station?"
nicole - "yeah, i have heard that they are the largest
growing minority."
me - "yeah but i mean do latinos even own radios?.....well i
guess they can steal them from radioshack."
group of co-workers just stands there bug-eyed adn start
slurping coffee.
nicole - "soooo, yeah, i gotta get started on this project."
me - (trying desperately to salvage the most awkward
situation of my life), "uh, heh, it's okay i can talk about
them like that cos i'm italian."
or the other day.
me - "i'm starving for some mcdonald's breakfast."
sandy - "that's funny the only time i crave mcdonald's is
when i got wasted the night before."
she stares at me and i'm trying to focus my hungover eyes on
hers but realize that they are all red and itchy because i'm
too fucking hung-over to blink. talk about getting called
out real hard.
but other than that i'm pretty good at the new job, i love
everything about it (my boss is cool as shit). the only
thing i'd really trade are the coworkers. but then again i
guess you can't have everything.
on a side note some people are going to protest the
inauguration, i didn't know that you could actually protest
that, but then i remember the fahrenheit 9/11 film. usually
i despise protestors but i like the message we send to other
countries. america is like one big dysfunctional family,
which is cool because once the other shoe finally drops and
the bomb is dropped on the wrong country, you can always say
that you were one of the ones who didn't like this country
anyhow. which of course is what that south park portrayed
so artistically.