Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-15 15:48:29 (UTC)

Love as a currency would pay all debts

lonely today. wanted to go to the cinema. but phoned emma
(more than twice) and no answer. i was goin to just go to
southport and see rob n ppl. but i didnt think they would
be goin the cinema. and by the time i had thort bout all
of this it was too late. so my own fault really.

I need to talk to some1. some1 who actually really does
care. some1 who i can trust. and i want to talk in person.
also need a hug. just 1 big hug thts real. again from
some1 who cares.
the missing piece of the puzzle.

give me your heart and your soul.
last chance to lose control.

its almost as if im just waiting for something to happen.
life is just a waiting game at the moment. not sure
whether i believe in fate. but i want to.

i know your listening to me. but are you hearing me.
its all for you. you just cant see.


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