~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
2005-01-15 12:38:58 (UTC)

the night after clubbing

today was a pretty crazy day....... all i can tell u is
that i went sleep and club..... i was up at 12ish when my
ex called and when i was up til 4ish and i just got the
worst headache in the world.... i asked my friend Ken to
wake me up at 6 but somehow the phone just got turned
off.... ommmg doesnt sound right huh? lemme put it this
way: i just turned off my cell when someone called
accidentally and didnt wake up til my hunnie *ah yee* ran
into my room at 8ish........ at the dinner i was still
kinda upset and was wondering: how long would it take my
aunt to know if i was dead in my room? owell.....

yup i went to level 3 with ah yee and justin... found out
that my online friend Ed was going as well and i felt
kinda excited to meet him in person since we have been
chating so long online w/o seeing each other...... gotta
say he is a cutie pie *wink* but he has got girls around
him all the time.....well i think i am thinking too much
lol!! well got "flirted" by 4-5 guys but none of them r
decent looking..... well in real life i am not a picky
person in terms of guys look but since i am at a club all
dressed up i think i deserve more cute guys heheehee itz
all good. ah yee got kinda drunk at the end and i was just
there for her the whole time... of coz i gave her
some "personal" space when her "man" came lol~~ itz all
good thou.... driving back to hacienda was a pain in the
butt... the fwy was stuck with traffic coz of 2 major
accidents........ on the way my other friend was puking so
we gotta made an exit to the nearest gas station and do
some clean up works..... -yuck- well itz all good i still
had fun overall

well i guess once i passed a certain time i couldnt sleep
no more......... my starving at killing me and i told
myself i gotta eat dumplings so i ate around like 10 of
them lol~~ crazie huh? kinda thinking about someone now
and wondering if he is sleeping like a lil baby heheee~
well i think i better kick my butt to sleep! karaoke
tomorrow baby!!!!!!!

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