Her boy

Her boy
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2005-01-15 10:25:42 (UTC)

Entry 8

its very late and i am very drunk, well kind of dunk,
i dont want to be wrtiyying this at all to bre honest
with You. i just want to go go pass out. But i understand
part of being Yours is to do as i'm told regardless of the
physical stat ei may be in. Therefore i am happy to be
sitting here writing this. At the begining of our talking
theres no way i would be writing right, i'd just say, i'll
make up for it tomorrow. i do realize its 5 somethig but
it is the weekend and You did say i can be up late on the
wekend, justnot the week nights. i hope Your dinner with
You dom wnt well and i cant wait to hear all about it
tomorrow. Have a great day Mistress.

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