Becky's Journal :D
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2005-01-15 06:44:51 (UTC)

Fields of Dreams

School just started a little while ago. I feel like
this semester will go better than last semester. I dropped a
class so I would not stress. I see Ashley L. almost everyday
now so I don't feel so lonely. I still have no new friends
Lately I've been having a lot of dreams. They've been
interfearing with my sleep. All kinds of weird stuff. I
drempt I walked around my house and was thankful for
everything in it, that I played peek-a-boo with my niece,
that my retainer wouldn't fit in my mouth, that I watched a
suspensful CSI/Law and Order type drama, but missed the
ending, and that I was trapped in an evil house. I think I'm
dreaming so much because I started school. Perhaps when I
get into a scheme I will feel better.
Charlie's is opening a bunch of new stores in the
Pittsburgh area. They are thinking of making me a manager.
Wow, I've barely been there for a year and they want to make
me a manager, then again this is also the company who
believes that fresh squeezed lemonade juice concentrate is
the same as actual fresh squeezed lemonade. Genious.
However, the job does pay more, I might just consider it.