crunkmasta_d songs
2005-01-15 06:00:45 (UTC)

Song 6

Freestyle Rap

Yo it's Crunkmasta D back up and getting crunk
It's time for the azn rap, hell naw I ain't drunk
You heard me right I got to bust a rap for pham
So turn this shit up, im about to drop a bomb.
Now most of this shit coming from our freestyles
So grab a beer and listen to this shit for a while

[Verse 1 - nathan]
u know you're a playa, when u do all the guhs a fava
You've gotta save some of yo charm for lata
when u bring them home, with your car iced in chrome
u know when u own, when u get blown
u talk to them in a dirty tone
and please them to the bone
girl u know me an u will last, cuz everyday we gonna have a
well laugh at the times we had in the past, while being the
apple of the class
u know i love you, u know youll be my boo
and everyone will have a clue, that your with me and im with
u know u and i are in love
when we see a dove flying above
u know that us being together is rite
so im gonna hold onto u with all of my might
our arguin will be light and our lovin be tite

[Verse 2 - Crunkmasta D]
its crunkmasta d from the dirty dirty south.
talkin shit about these niggas who keep runnin they mouth
makin a's in classes
puttin holes in they asses
crunkmasta d dont take that shit that they throw
he just sits back in the club and pumps up them hoes
they walk up to him and he pulls down his pants
cause he knows the fine hoes be givin a lap dance
he smile as they bounce up and down
Given encouragement as they move that ass around
get a smile on your face and grab that shit
out from the doors comes my cuz lil bit
askin me where's his or can he get some to?
i say hell yea nigga anything for u
so i look at my hoe and try to get persuasian
them from the doors comes the little azian
nathan pham that is, my little azian friend
sittin back get blowed with me till the fuckin end
he gets them hoes and he stills the shows
he looks real crunk in his azian clothes
when nathan walks in they know his damn name
because he always wins at the azian dice game
in comes ice and you know thats nice
takin his chance by rollin the dice
its kinda confusin but you'll catch on at first.
win your the greatest but lose then your the worst
everything goes down when we chillin in the club
i beat on boys with problems when they mug

[Verse 3- mixed]
[cd] cry cry cry bitch. cry me a river.
its not my fault when u see me u shiver
come on son u cant beat me boy
ill drop ur ass quick and with a joy
i got the christmas spirit still with me and i can have a
bundle of fun
kickin your ass and laughin when im done
[na] bitch u betta run, b4 i cap you wit muh gun
[cd] jab with a left and punch with a right,
kickin your ass i know its aight
[na] u kno im rite
when i told u i could fight
[cd] go ahead bitch, cry some more
ill beat your ass to the floor
[na] ill give the fists galore
that all the ppl will adore
[cd] i catch u with knee, make u bow to me,
punch u in the eye now ur bitch ass cant see
[na] theres blood all over ur tee
[cd] you see all the colors and it start with green
now u runnin scared cause u know im mean
next we go to pink and i know its pimp
i catch u in the leg and make ur ass go limp
[na] youll blow up like a blimp
[cd] u see red, blue, orange, and yellow
kick you in the nuts and make u bellow
im not a nice fellow and ill beat u like jello
[na] that makes all the guhs yell hello
[cd] u see purple and it ends with black,
cause i beat ur ass and u is whack
i dont let up slack just hit u in the back
till i hear a crack, screamin "take that jack"
[na] while i be fondling yo guhs rack
and id be given them da mack
[cd] give u a fright now u know thats tite
u dont know the difference between black and white
but its alright, because im out of sight
and if u come near me i fuckin bite
[na] when u mess wit him u kno it aint rite
hell send u on the next flight
u know u cant stand up to his might

[Verse 4- Nathan]
its da big azn in da house
when he walk in he make them bitches take off their blouse
hes so smooth the other guys wanna pout
but those nigs back down cuz he gonna knock them out
when he walks in da club
all the guhs wanna give him a rub
he buys dem a drink
and them hoes dont think
so he takes em home for a one night stand
he even does the ones in da band
u kno he be smokin up somtin nice
while takin these bitches cash in a game of dice
he gets his smoothness from rice
all the girls wanna know his secrets in the herb an spice
he walks round in his platinum chain
and rolls wit his boys in his first rate plane
no one else can touch him, because hes higher than the rim
their chance of surpassing him are next to slim
he rides round in his pimped out civic,
always ridin with a fine ass chick
he likes em tan an fine
so i can make them mine
im givin u an enjoyable time
Because i can rhyme when given a dime
now im gonna give u a last pose
and this rhyme will come to a close

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