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2005-01-15 05:13:45 (UTC)

i saw your mom today.... she..

i saw your mom today.... she was really sweet...
anyways.. there's not much to say right now.. i'm about to
lay down and watch a movie with tyler. i might be on after
it's done... about 1.
i hope you're here to talk to.

oh, ya... i also saw you again tonight..but, you ran off
too quickly to say hi to... i guess hopefully i'll talk to
you later. if i don't i'll be writing an entry when i get

good night
~vous êtes l'amour

i'm so tired of working at margartias, like no, really....
just how people can be sometimes truely irratates me...
damn.. i forgot what i really wanted to talk about..

i'm so sleepy... god.. i work tomorrow moring from 9:30 to
1:30, or 3:30. i was wondering if you are working
tomorrow... and if you are.. what hours..
just trying to work in some time to see you.
well i guess I'm going to sleep...
night, again.