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2005-01-15 02:48:50 (UTC)

Another Day - hehe i love this :P

Sorry i havent wrote in this for a while i have been busy
with my new girlfriend, not in that sence btw i have only
just started going out with her and she is so amazing i
really really like her and i love her so much, i have told
her this happily :D, cant wait to see her again,

I heard that my close friend steph(angel) has moved out of
her home and i need to speak with her because i think i
really upset her the other day, hopefully she will txt me
or ring me when she can, so we can sort this out and go
back to being m8s...

Anyway, i went to the cinema 2day with gema and sum m8s,
it was really good, but we didnt watch such a good film,
National Treasure, it was ok in parts but i wasnt too
impressed, we wanted to watch "white noise" but it was
packed so i chose "national treasure" pfft never again :P

Right i think thats me done for 2day, i might right again
l8a, btw the above happened b4 11 o clock yesterday,

cya l8a XxX

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