Tell-Tale Horrors Of An Insignificant
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2005-01-15 02:40:51 (UTC)

ehhhhh....just bored so i thought i would brainstorm about random shit

pet peeves:old creepy guys at work, foreign creepy guys at
work, creepy guys, coconuts, love seats (ok, it's either a
couch or a can't be a fucking love seat!),
pink, guys with oddly high-pitched voices, mini-skirts
(what is the point?), those damn furry boots, pigtails,
bushy eyebrows, people who think they are just absolutely
fucking hilarious, online journals ( this
one), online journals where you can't customize
( this one), fat people who say they can't help
it when they don't have a thyroid or hereditary problem,
skinny people who eat all the damn time,typos, uneducated
people, and last but not least (this list is bound to
continue) guys who don't bring any money with them on a
date, expect you to pay for them, and then expect you to
let them in your pants....jackass...

likes:adam's apples, green, black, orange, writing poetry,
psychology, music (real music not that punk/pop or rap
shit), guys who have really long hair or are bald, blue
eyes, the smell of leather, dorky guys that can't really
help it but they're cool to hang out with, sleep, money,
cheese (especially the fake cheese in a can), black
eyeliner, combat boots, monkeys, and last but not least

to anyone who will actually read this...feel free to reply
and i might not bite your head off, although you may be
subject to swift and severe criticism....may God rest your
soul in the eternal flames of Hell.

i would like to end this entry with a quote:
"Pain has a face.
Allow me to show it to you.
Gentlemen, I...AM...PAIN."
~ Pinhead ~