Fifth element
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2005-01-15 02:40:04 (UTC)


Must be positive. breath in breath out. be happy. Ok. weekend. No
school. Hanging with friends, possibly even shopping. Ok. Not
shopping. But still. Breath. Relax. Calm down. There is nothing
wrong in my life. No reason to be sad. I can do that. I am also very
bored at the moment, but thats ok. Practiced guitar for nearly 45
minutes, until my fingers hurt. then, I was scared of getting gross
scaley callusy hands, so I rubbed Olive Oil on then. Now they stink
like old olives. But still, thank goodness for good songs like JLY
(Just Like You, for the slightly dim-witted and/or non Three Days
Grace worshipper) Amazing song, easy main chords, slightly
difficult transitions, but it goes well... would go practice flute now
but Ive forgotten it at school, which is sad as I have to play
monday. But that's ok. Happy. Like Gilmore. Speaking of the
sandler-man, i think Ill go watch Billy Madison. That should make
me happy and... uplift me... shifty eye... well, it will make me