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2005-01-14 22:21:35 (UTC)

Day #5--First week finished!

Today was a rather slow day in the office. I did scan some
documents, move boxes, and escort people to our office. I
answered a few phone calls. Today I took it upon myself to
venture the building. This was exciting as I went to lunch
and then walked to the South building (it is modled after
Leavenworth Pen.). The afternoon brought on more excitment
as there was a going away party for a guy that has worked
for the Department. He is retiring as President takes on
his second term. Next week I have Monday and Thursday
off. Monday is MLK Jr. Day and Thursday is the
Inauguration. I am still in the process of getting tickets
for this event. I also e-mailed my Senators about getting
VIP tours of the White House, Capital, Kennedy Center, and
Library of Congress. I also would like tours of the FBI,
Engraving and Printing, and other buildings. It rained on
my way to work today so thank goodness for the Metro as I
was kept mostly dry (just got wet walking to the metro and
then from the metro to work). It is begining to cool off
so I am glad I brought the trenchcoat today. I am off to
go home and see what my meal will be for tonight. Who
knows what my first weekend in D.C. will bring!

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