Alexander Dark
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2005-01-14 19:33:43 (UTC)

Was a nice day...i think

It started bad...my mom woke me up at 5 to go to school.
...FUCK SCHOOL! So i went 2 school but i spoke with 2
friends that at 12 we would meet in front of a highschool
and go to the others house.We went there it was in the
territory of ORG and UBH (graffiti clans)and these guys were
from UBH.It was a feeling of sad and pity when i saw the ppl
on the street(i was in a bus)....this country is fucked up
and i wanna get out and fast!!!I HATE ROMANIA!!! So we
rented 28 days later...it was awesome.I went home at 5
o'clock.Oh yeah i cut classes (the last three) i hope i get
busted!....i will :( fuck it ! i dont care ! Man i ate like
it was my last meal....it was very good ;) Then i went
outside and then to this bar.I sat in a corner and drank.
That bar makes me sad dont know why.I should get a gf...
should i ? it would be more responsabilities and more
worries...i shall see.

Mood:sad and alone....
Music:Six Feet Under - Amerika The Brutal (yes...its a band)