Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-01-14 18:56:52 (UTC)

For my Master

my Dearest Master,

One touch of Your hand and my heart skips a beat;
The feel of Your fingertips caressing my cheek;
Your lips touching mine, tongues locked T/together in a
soft, sensuous dance;
Your strong, warm arms, embracing my body;
You give me so much more than i ever dreamed i'd have.

Kneeling before You, worshiping at Your feet;
Feeling Your firm hand lifting my chin to gaze into Your
You stare into my soul and see that i am Yours;
Your lover, Your wife, Your best friend, Your slave;
You own me completely.
You control my every move, thought, and feeling.

All i have is Yours, as is how it should be;
All i give, i give freely;
You have demanded nothing of me;
You asked not for the control i have surrendered;
It was i who asked this of You.

Please take me, Master;
Take all that i am;
Teach me, train me, show me the way;
i am Yours, i belong to You;
i am proud as Your slave.
You honor me with Your Dominance and thrill me with Your

Your loving, devoted and obedient pet,


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