Journal of Ranting
2005-01-14 18:40:03 (UTC)

pete-edited it

gah pete will write about him later if i get the chance,
okay continuing this, pete he's my ex boyfriend and he's
really annoying. i caould write a long fucking thing about
him but i wont...you know what my friend told me i should.
i went out with him for 10 almost 11 months and then around
the ninth month we went on a camping trip which was utterly
good and desatrious(sp?) at the same time and then eh. it
was weird he would not like leave my side i'm just like wtf.
and also after being told by my uncle that he dosn't have
to stand my me all the time. and still he didn't stop i
mean come on i was fucked up in the head, everyone kept
telling me that dating an older guy is much more mature and
well worth dating and guess what they were right, i am
dating an older guy well he's a month and some odd days
older than me but it still matters. ah i am so bored i was
just reading my past enties and i read that i mentioned that
our friends would be disapointed if they found out what joe
and i did that first time we hung out.....no it wasn't sex,
nor french kissing but it was likeone peck brought on by
him, but oh well and yes i was going out with pete at the
same time but i had been thinking about breaking up with
him ever since the camoing trip..rolls eyes and then when i
met joe..i knew that i liked him a lot better than i liked
pete ever and bell rings.

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