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2005-01-14 14:39:41 (UTC)

Day #4

Today was another slow morning. But I did go eat lunch on
my own downstairs and then went to the White House at 2pm.
The weather started to turn bad right after Sec. Veneman
gave here tree planting speach. Which was on the front
lawn. This was the first time I was able to see the
Secretary but I will not able to speak to her. At the EEOB
(White House) I look around a little more and saw room 180
(where Nixon was audio recorded about Watergate) and I also
saw the Vice Presidents office (or I looked in I should
say). This office directly over looks the White House. It
looked so close that I felt I could just touch it! All the
secret service were around the top of the building and it
was a very professional experience. Once I returned from
there I was put to work by sorting all of the questions
that the Senate asked the soon to be new-Secretary Johanns,
the current gov. of Nebraska. Once this was complete I was
given the task of updating all of the House-Agriculture
committee members bio's. This was a task as I had to sort
through many different websites and pull information from
all over to complete/update the bio. Finally, I filed a
few folders in our massive filing cabnet. Then I went home
at 7pm!!!

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