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2005-01-14 10:44:07 (UTC)

feeling a little less shit...

i went 2 tha beach, man it was boiling. i saw jake there.
he was so avoiding me (u dont no who jake is, but all will
be explained).

he like wouldnt talk 2 me at all. he sent me notes in
class telling me he liked me last term, i got a text
message from him just two days ago, but he neva talks 2 my
face, wot tha fuck is with that?

i dunno, guys r so hot n cold. there should be a manual 4
them otherwise, gurls like me r gonna bcum lesbians.

well, heres 2 hoping that jake lightens up a bit and
finally talks 2 me properly or at least asks me on a date!

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