~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
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2005-01-14 08:18:33 (UTC)


since SOMEONE is asking where my journal is for today,
here it is (hheehee you kno who u r but thx for your
reminder ^_~ )

got into a big arguement in the 200th times of this week
with my aunt this morning and thought i was destinated to
be a homeless for da night... until Michelle called and
offered me to share her bed with her at dorm.... btw
Michelle and Tak are always the ones to offer help when i
need one, thx to both of ya!!!!! anyway might not be too
used to sleeping 5 ft from the floor so my sleep wasnt
really well since nither of us didnt wanna make any single
move or accidentally kick one of the other out of the bed.
well was spending most of the night with michelle catching
up her hw and chat at the same time........ i felt like i
had a fun time and have spent some really quantitive time
with her talking about all sorts of stuff ( girls talk of
coz! wutelse would u think girls would talk about besides

after cls i drove all the way back to Torrance
(my "hometown") to get an offical transcript from my hs)
have seen a lot of changes in my hs but i guess everything
(or everyone implied) changes as time passes by.....
faculties were mostly new faces to me and all of the
counselors were gone -_-||| but im amazed i could still
remember my hs student # (yes and with no hesitation!)
interesting huh?

went to christine's house and we carpooled down to south
coast plaza in orange.... YAY~~~~ overall the shopping was
hella fun and every store was on sale like crazy! we spent
more than 6 hrs there and since i got just 3 hrs of sleep
last time i was kinda grumpy half way and fall asleep on
the bench so the second part of the shopping i wasnt
really shopping but just browsing with christine~ i got a
track jacket (YAY for me) and a gift for my friendz bday
and ah tine got a t-shirt with some other stuffs for her
family. well since ah tine is leaving next month sometimes
i just wanna more time with her. doesnt really matter
where we go but as long as we can chill and talk.
sometimes i just didnt wanna let her go but i guess
whatever decision she makes it is the best for her and all
i can say is that i will support her and be ther for her
no matter what..... datz wut friends are for, right?

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