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2005-01-14 05:28:28 (UTC)

1. Tell me something about you..

1. Tell me something about you I don't know

when i was about six or so and living in California with
my mother and her boyfriend rick i ran away from home. we
lived about a block and a half from my school. i got my
Micky blanket.. the one i still have.. and a teddy bear
and took off. i went there into the playground and hid in
a huge monster truck tire we had. i slept there for awhile
until my mom found me and had me come home.

2. Why do you still love me?
because love is not like a facet, you can't just turn it
off. two years ago i pledged myself to you.. i told you,
you were the one i was going to marry.. i gave you the
only other sacred thing i have (other than my virginity)
my soul(well, heart and soul). i was truly honest and
valid when i gave myself to you that night in the tub.. my
sacred bath. i never did nor will i un-do what i did. i
don't believe that i should do something like that when my
intentions were pure.

3. Do you truly like the friends you have?
the true friends that i have... beth.. and the boys.. most
of the time. i never have been a "friend" person. i can't
ever really tolerate friends. when they don't understand
why i retreat for weeks from the world and people get
upset, i don't like having to justify myself. but beth i
truly like having her as a friend. and so far the twins
have been wonderful. they have given me paths to choose
from in the future. and taught me a lot, mostly about

4. If you could have one wish what would it be?
to be able to manifest everything that i really want or
need in life. i wish i could have the strength, knowledge,
and intuition to make everything happen.

5. Who am I to you?
now or then.. because it's only slightly different.
my best friend... i could tell you anything, as long as it
wasn't/isn't about us. sometimes i did then too.. you
always let me cry on your shoulder and you supported me
with everything. always looked out for me and tried to
steer me in positive directions. you are my true love
because i believe that you are my twin flame. i know that
everything happens for a reason. and fate will play her
game to teach us both something from all of these
experiences. and for the moment you are my secret love...
i want to run around and tell everyone everything about
you again... make them sick and tired of hearing the name
Joseph. vous êtes mon petit secret précieux.. but i know i
can't in fear of something happening to you.