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2005-01-14 04:27:27 (UTC)

Writing about whatever is on my mind...

Lets see, what is on my mind today...hmm...well, tomorrow
is Friday, yay! Finally! But it sucks cuz one, I hafta go
to school and two, Sean is gonna be working, NO!!!!! So,
what is Caitlyn going to do tomorrow?? No idea! Lol, yeah,
pretty sad huh, but eh, oh well. Do i care? No, not
anymore. I figure, hey why stress about having every
single day be eventful (even Fridays). Sometimes I just
wanna sit and relax and do what i wanna do. But after 9
ofcourse, i'm probably gonna hang out with Sean and relax
some more, lol. Yep, thats life for ya, and i'm lovin it,
So lets see, hmmm, well Tuesday was our 14 month
anniversary. We couldn't do very much cuz we both had to
work really late. But just seeing him made my day. Lol. So
yeah, next month should be pretty fun. It'll be Valentines
Day, our 15 month anniversary, lol, and a Valentines Dance
for school that we just might go to. (Only my dress won't
be the most expensive and prettiest dress ever cuz ya
know, i wanna go all out with prom this year, lol)
So yeah, i think that's pretty much all on my mind today.

(I love Handcuffs!)

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