jenn parr
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2005-01-14 04:25:40 (UTC)

Bad intake day

I cant believe how bad I am doing on my protein today. I dont have
anymore protein for a shake because everything I had I was
allergic to, and I havent been able to find more. Somebody told
me to try Iso Pure which is whey, which I am allergic to, but was
told that it is processed differently than whey powder and I might
be able to drink it. If I can then that is 50g of protein per serving
which would be awesome for me!

I volunteered at Owens school today. Those kids had me running
around like a chicken with its head cut off. It was so much fun. I
was getting up and down off the floor all the time, and helping
them cross the monkey bars in which they made my white pants
dirty. But it was fun. Owen acted out, but of course he is only 4.
And alot of the kids are excited about going to Owens birthday
party next saturday at Chuck E Cheese.

Today when I went to excercise on the trampoline I felt light
headed and tired really early. The past 4 days I have been
jumping for 10 mins straight and then doing sit ups for 10 mins
straight. But today on the trampoline I was tired after 3 mins, but I
stuck with it and ended up doing 15 mins total, which made my self
esteem rise! I only did 5 mins of sit ups though so it evened out.
But I got 50 sit ups in which I was proud of.

I am still having trouble with taking my calcium citrate because it is
a horse pill. I chop it up into 4-5 small pieces, but I am so scared of
having a complication from it like my friend in the hospital did. He
took regular pills and they got stuck and sat at the top of his pouch
and created a bleeding ulcer. He was in the hospital for a week
having blood transfusions all because he took vitamins! I just dont
want to end up like that. So I am scared.

I go tomorrow to see the dietician and discuss about my eating and
my weight and goals. I am excited. I am also going to ask how to
get certified to become a dietician so that I can specialize in those
having surgery or are on the same diet as the surgery patients.
And it helps that I too went through the surgery so they can relate.
But I hope its a goal worth working toward.

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