Her boy

Her boy
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2005-01-14 04:10:50 (UTC)

Entry 7

i just got out of work and am getting ready for bed. i
think todays conversation was needed and succesful. i
understand i'm on my third strike, i owe You so much, so
much for taking me back. i believe there are other subs
that want to be Yours, without knowing You, You're
gorgeous, on top of that You really know what You're
doing. i'm so grateful that You did not take someone else
becasue You could have easily. After today i'd like to
just advance in our relationship leaving what happenend
this week and taking with us only the fact that i'm on my
third strike. i am honestly a little bit affraid of the
punishment You choose for me, but i messed up and deserve
it and thats all i'll be thinking about while i receive
it. i'll call You tomorrow.