OOchie (adults only)
2005-01-14 03:59:58 (UTC)


WUts's New PussyKat woo woo wow, ah wut a sucky day im just
buggin ouT, D hasnt called ya i know stiLL waitinG Ugh im
so mad , not at him just at myself for being such a fucking
dumbass , i should just call Him it's not the first time
this has happened he always pops in n out it's just getting
to me this time ,i Feel like I did something wrong Like i
made him Mad , But i dunno why..CLUEleSS!!anyway i went to
the park with April n Guy ran around the park , played
basketball, GOt on da monkey bArs then took a Drive in the
kuntry , i feel tired i worked out 3 times today REleiving
Stress .best Way that or Sex i feel so fucked up , so
guilty i can't even explain wut i feel, i don't wanna hurt
anyone, I definetly dont wanna Hurt D or pill im just
feeling fucked up it's like when shes holding me at night
comferting me , kissing me telling me how much she loves me
im lovin it for one minute n the next he's in my head i
can't stand it it's even happening during sex, i can't help
myself he is in my every thought, and i feel like this is
only one sided like if he came down here n said lets go i
seriously think i'd go but i dont know wut would happen
from there on ,wut would i do i don't even know wut he
thinks about us But then again wut "US" there is no us , im
with her n hes moved away ,i don't know who to talk to im
afraid to even talk about this I do'nt wanna hurt no one, i
rather hurt,I'm just feeling fucked up I'll get over
it .... Ashanti"only u" can make me feel ...If he would
only call or email me or fucking sumthing i'd feel alot
better i know it .DAMMIT!