smothered w/ THC
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2005-01-14 03:22:48 (UTC)

hell of a night

why does shit always happen when its not suppose to. not
to mention this when it should have never happened. fuckin
psycho. nigth started off with some nice drinking me and a
few friends. psycho ex's are the worst. cant wait for the
stalking to begin.
[email protected] my house hittin the bong and were rudely interupted by
scott.. next thing you kno this mothers fucking hand is in
my car and my bong is smashed against the pole. the sound
was gut wrenching. :((((( im getting spit in the face and
fucking attacked. words are exchanged along with puinches
and he throws me in the snow. shit was so embarassing, and
its about time hes done....
i just dont know what I need anymore... school needs to
start back up so i cann get it over with. get back to Ny
and see what lie ahead.

party this weekend:]] hopefully a good non violent night
will come of it. hopefuly some action.
im so horny. oo and want to be dirty. havent had to think
on where to get it in a while.. haha Fun again. ive been
havin some wild fantisies, wheres that hot lesbian im
looking forward to take my horniess out on!!!! cmonnn :))


people... write.. now...

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