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2005-01-14 02:37:50 (UTC)

Hookers and whores

Maybe I am just not a fan of whores, or maybe I am just
jealous or them, but when you have life so perfect why mess
it up by being a whore? I know I have vented already about
my friend, but I have to go on about her inability to be
monogamous in her relationship. She has life so perfect, a
boyfriend who loves her to death and even when they are
apart makes life seems so special for her. (I mean she
forgot their aniversary and he remember, now that has to
say something about how much he cares) So she has been with
him for quite a while and things were getting a slight bit
rocky because he was used to seeing her everyday, and all
of a sudden she stopped going to see him, so of course he
was getting suspicious. She got pissed and they had a fight
or two and they both got over, or so I thought. But I soon
found out from a friend of mine that him and her were
spending some intimate moments together. Basically just
kissing, but every once in a while they would have sex. Of
ourse making sure that I was not around, but finally the
truth came out and she told me. She trusted me with this
huge secret and I hated myself for months. She still hasn't
told her boyfriend although the guy has told his girlfriend
and she now hates both me and my friend because I knew
about it and never told anyone. It has broken every
friendship that I have had with so many people and I hate
her for it. I don't hate her as a person, but I got a phone
call today from one of those friends that doesn't really
trust me because of this secret, and he told me that if the
guy had never told everyone, it would have a beena huge
lie that we all shared and a secret that would eat away at
us. It bugs me because if she was so unhappy in her
relationship, why didn't she just end it? And now that the
truth has come out for everyone, why doesn't she just tell
everyone else the truth? I mean she was caught in the act
she should just wipe her hands of it and come clean. Maybe
I am harsh by calling her a whore, but she cheated on
someone who was basically perfect for her, and now she will
live this lie till she comes true to herself which knowing
her may never happen. The things that really gets to me
about the whole situation is that I don't have a boyfriend
and if perchance I bring home a friend of mine and I get
funky, she looks at me like I have commited a crime. Me and
the few guy friends I have are really close and it's not a
crime to have sex when I want it. (Or maybe it is and I
wasn't clued in) I'm not cheating on anyone and my business
is my business. I kept her secret, so maybe she should just
keep her comments to herself and stop rolling her eyes at
me when I bring home someone she doesn't least I
was nice and I never had sex while she was home. Meanwhile
she and this guy went at it like rabbits while I was
writing a term paper in the other room. What to do what to
do? Maybe I should just move out?