a serious side.
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2005-01-14 01:58:30 (UTC)

ms hurley.

she's nuts. lmao

today we were in the computer lab and we were doing the
cover pages for our poetry packet. well..i was bored so i
put a picture of a rooster on my front page and printed it
out. then shes like "matt why is there a black cock on
your page" and i started BUSTING UP LAUGHING..and you
could tell she was laughing too lmaooo it was fucking hot.
then she kept saying cock and she was telling all the
teachers the story lmaooo..shes so 6th grade and then she
told me "ahh you made my day" LMAO!


im going to see derek tonight. woop!

lmaoo heather called me earlier and woke me up from my
nap. lmao it was so worth it though..ohhh man she was
fucking faded off her ass. lmao..she did not shut up the
whole time! she was goooone.

and earlier before that ronald called and we like made
plans for monday to get lit. he says he could get shrooms.
thats gonna be cool to try. im gg over there hella early
on monday morning so that way i dont have to drive when im
hallucinatin lol SOFIAS COMING TOO. because i said so.

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