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Obsurd & Undiscussed Relations 2
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2005-01-14 01:51:16 (UTC)

1st day back on...

My SoCo concert is on the 21st!!! 6 more days! I'm so
excited! Lindsay is coming with me...I'm not so sure how
that will go but hey, it'll be better if I go with
someone...I think. She's pretty cool though. I mean, she's
a complete dork, but then again, so am I. We'll have fun
I'm pretty sure, unless she decides she doesn't like to be
close to people or scream or get sweaty. I'd better not
have to look after her. Lol. I think we're going to Warped
Tour in Milwaukee this year also. If it goes well at this
concert at least. I don't want to be making plans for
something that I don't know if I'll enjoy or not.

G2g, smooches. =)