Daily Journal
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2005-01-14 00:50:52 (UTC)

January 13th

I know I haven't exactly been keeping up with my
journals, and I'm really sorry. I have been soooo busy it
is ridiculous. Tuesday I had two hours of Miss Bartram
practice and then I had tons of homework and kickboxing
that night. I was up until 1 am finishing homework. So
I'm extremely tired because I havent caught up on that
sleep yet and now I've got a cold or something. I've had
a sore throat for several days and now I've got a cough.
Then Wednesday I had a doctors appointment and got home
around 5:30, so I worked on homework until dinner and then
finished homework and then went to bed early b/c I was so
tired from Tuesday night. Then today I came home and
worked on my Miss Bartram routine, I had a dance section
that I needed choreographed by tonight. Then I did
homework and had dinner. And now I'm about to go get
ready to go to kickboxing class and then stay to work on
my routine with my instructor. I doubt I'll have time to
do a complete journal when I get home and now I've got
plans tomorrow. I should be home in the afternoon
tomorrow though, maybe even a little earlier than normal.
I get out at 12:20 tomorrow since its early release but
I'm going out to lunch with friends. That shouldnt take
too long though. Then around 6 or 7 I'm going to a
movie. But I'll be on late Friday night to talk. Sorry
that I've been so busy. As soon as everything calms down
some I'll do a few lengthy journals to make up for it. I
hope we can talk soon, I miss you a lot.


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