not so profound

not so profound
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2005-01-14 00:01:24 (UTC)

"I do have a boyfriend!! his name is..."

Dan, his name is Dan, I love him, no one can take me away
from him. Nothing can be bright or shine without light
yes?? And you are the light in my world, so nothing is
more "bright and shiney" than you my love. I read your
note to me, the one you couldn't talk to me about to my
face. Whatever you wish is what i will do. If you want the
car, take it, if you want me to move i will. if you want
to give it back, it's yours when you need it, if you want
me to stay i will wait for you. I will wait the 6 days to
spend the 24 hours i am permitted to see you. I love you

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