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2005-01-13 23:19:23 (UTC)

you know... you never did reply..

you know... you never did reply to that entry.. whatevers..
did you see me @ wal-mart tonight... i saw you... i just
didn't come say hi.

not all of my problems involve you.... and even if they do
i would still like for you to say SOMETHING. today's been
a pretty good day for the most part.. i still haven't made
up the test i missed on monday... whoooo i have a 3 day
weekend... i think you should come see me for it.
monday... pwease... i'm going to the gym after i get off
of work, unless i kill myself @ work.. i doubt it'll be
that busy though. so if i get on tonight i'll be on the
computer about 12 or 12:30ish.

oh.. i got principals list... i dunno if i told you that.
whoo for my grades. i'm so tired of school i'm just very
very ready for it to be done. i have $200 monies left for
senior trip. i'm quite excited about that.

oh and jessica and i are talking again. she and i have 2nd
block together and sit right next to eachother. it's kinda
not hard to talk to her. it's very nice though... i have
beth first block... so i copy all of her work... then i
have jessica second block and i copy all of her work.

*pokes tyler in the forehead*


whooo.... i'm hyper.. dunno why...
okay, i'm waiting for my bubble tea. and i really need to
go to work. ugh.. i'm going to be late... stupid
girl..hurry up..
oh.. this is my last entry here if you don't reply to my
mile long entry.. and if you don't make up some
questions... legit ones @ that..
bye mon ami