Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-01-13 20:37:28 (UTC)

I stand**poem**

As the night moves on
Your softness still lingers
As I hear the whisper of your voice
I stay to only be demolished

But tonight I stand for all I am
Tonight I stand in the bright of the light
I’m called down to the center of the row. I stand for all
am worth
I stand alone and am criticized
I stand alone and take up for your life
I stand by myself and deal with your voice
I stand alone this very night

I stand alone in the silent of the night
I rescue you and you put up a fight
I’ve did all that I could, I stood alone looking like a
I stand alone and I make a way for you to see the new
of day
I stand alone in such lonely times; I stand alone and
defend what’s mine

I stand for you. I stand for me.
I stand up for justice to be proven. To you’re proven
I stand for my friends I stand here to the very end
I’ll stand for what’s right and put up a fight. I’ll stand
up for you in the time of any night
I’m here to say that any day you feel as if you need me
I will always be there

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