My Dream Journal
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2005-01-13 18:25:34 (UTC)

shopping and graduation

I am in a very large store of some sort... they have all
kinds of things. Deke is behind me and Mom is in front of
me. She is rushing through, not wanting to look at
anything, but I see all kinds of things I want to examine
more closely.. I can't remember exactly what things
though. There is whole wall of gift bags and one of them
is HUGE (like bigger than me) and has the word "Rage" on
it, but it's light blue and pink and frilly looking. I
think that it refers to Deke's favorite band, Rage Against
the Machine. As I walk into a different room of the store
I see a little boy (he looks very very young but is my
heighth) with a plastic telescope. I walk past him but he
accidentally hits me in the head with his telescope. I
say "ouch" really loud and keep walking. He comes over to
me and gives me a big hug and says he's sorry for hurting
me. I feel bad and tell him that it didn't really hurt at
all (which it didn't) and that it was just instinct to
say "ouch". We are still hugging through the
conversation. Then I see his mother sitting on a bench
nearby and she says "You two should get married" and
smiles really big....

I am at a graduation ceremony outside the chapel here at
school. I am standing on the stage behind the podium
giving a speech. I am barefoot. When I finish talking, I
have to walk across this balance beam thing to get to
where i'm supposed to be next. I finally get there. I
seem to be backstage or something, as if the audience
can't see me anymore, but the people graduating can. I am
reading over something else that I have to recite later in
the ceremony. I think it's a hymn. The graduates then
start to walk by me one by one giving me hugs and
whatnot. I think a lot of them appear to be mentally