My lil life!
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2005-01-13 14:07:27 (UTC)

Jan13 Lost My EX

Dear Diary,

Was chating with my high school buddy tonight then i got the
news that TEIMO my high school girl friend and his half
sister is dead. She fell ill and died last week wednesday
from a form of blood anemiea. Thats really really sad to
hear, i can remeber the last time we talked sometime before
Xmas. now im having flash backs of the old high school days.

We were 3 guys in our little group; Otu, Pinky and myself
and we were all after the same girl TEIMO. at the end of the
whole competition i won but it dint matter cuz i too stupid
to understand what i'd won. She was my offical girl friend
but it never acted up cause i relly felt i was still a kid
inside even if i acted big and all that.

I had to leave the country soon after and now she's dead.
TEIMO may your soul rest in peace.

Today I finally entered the lab class I missed last week
because of the job exam/interview I had. The professor is a
weird ass guy; give most of us da crips. We later had a
meeting with Sir Carl my Research professor and I’ve told
him bout the topic I plan to research on; it has something
to do with holograms. I’m sure my Research subject will
prove to be the most challenging this term.

I honestly need to put my act back in order. I started
focused this term and I should stay that way. Last night was
fun but was at an expense to my health(all da booze and
smoke plus my pimples are getting back and I’m too tired to
workout at nights now) and my wallet(I started keeping an
excel acct dis yr for my money so I can monitor exactly how
I spend and also budget myself). Right now I am 1000 short
of what my balance says… well something’s got to give

I really got to be focused this term!

I kinda happy to see my mom begin to pack her luggage, in
less than 48hrs she’ll be gone. So I wont have to worry or
even think bout her again.

I tried to get my new SIM card from SMART but they still out
of stock. I really need to get that SIM card at least if I
have it I could borrow peoples cell and make my calls. I’m
not sure when I’ll be getting the new SIM.

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