The crazy world of me
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2005-01-13 10:00:21 (UTC)

shitty things happen to good people

hey kids how is it going. well from my title you can tell
that i am not it the greatest of moods. but hey what else
is new. thats usually the only time that i write anyway,
atleast these days it is. i dont know it just seems no
matter what i do i get fucked over in the end. like a
couple of friends of mine. i bent over backward for them
and now its like who is michelle unless they need
something. i want to know when it will be my turn to find
a friend who would do the same for me as i would them. i
guess though that is kind of impossible. nobody can ever
treat you how you want to be treated. so that saying treat
others how you would want to be treated is bull shit. i
treat people all the time the way i would want to be
treated and they still dont give a fuck. i really wish i
was the kind of person that could just not give a fuck
about people. it seems to be so easy for everyone else why
is it so hard for me. this is just god pinishing me for
all my sins. or it could just be that i am not meant to be
happy or feel like i have people. it always seems like all
the good things happen to people who dont deserve it. just
like at my job. i bust balls at work and make my
department look good but i dont get notice for shit. but
anyone else could do the smallest thing that i have done
like six times before and it is like some big fucking
deal. i dont understand. well i am going to go i guess.
peace kids