some other guy

2005-01-13 07:52:07 (UTC)

oh well

well i can add another name to my long list of people who
dont want to date me. these are the names where they live
and when i asked them out and if i dated them.

jess(vancouver)(8th grade)
lizz(great lakes)(3rd grade)(vancouver)(7th grade)
christina(seattle now used to be in vancouver)(freshman
Stacey(vancouver)(freshman year)
Tiffany(vancouver)(8th grade)
jessica(vancouver)(7th grade)
sabrina(vancouver)(6th grade)
Jackey(aloha)(4th grade)
Michael(great lakes)(2nd grade)(dated)
lisa(vancouver)(sophmore year)
katie(vancouver)(8th grade)
amy(aloha)(summer of 4th grade)(dated)
sarah(aloha)(5th grade)(dated)
shelly(aloha)(4th grade)
racheal(vancouver)(7th grade)
kimberly(vancouver)(7th grade)
stephony(vancouver)(8th grade)
shawana(vancouver)(summer of freshman year)(dated)
dusty(portland)(first term of collage)(dated)
Ashley(aloha)(4th grade)
julie(great lakes)(2nd grade)
jolene(portland)(2nd term in collage)
jenifer(great lakes)(3rd grade)
jenifer(aloha)(4th grade)
nichole(vancouver)(6th grade)

ya id say that about acurite. the sad thing is i remeber

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