Growing From Pain

It is Absolutely Amazing
2005-01-13 04:26:36 (UTC)

The First Kiss

This most likely won’t be the most accurate depiction of what happened,
seeing as how it happened over 4 months almost 5 months ago. However, I
do have an excellent memory. I knew I was attracted to Ryan. He was
different, interesting. He was unlike the people I knew, that’s what initially
intrigued me. Elizabeth, myself, and Ryan were all watching Futurama in his
bedroom, until all hours of the evening. Ryan, of course, had been joking
about us all having a threesome. Elizabeth and I both turned him down. We
all did decide to have a sleepover, all three of us in the same twin size bed.
Needless to say this was difficult. Ryan had been trying to get us to remove
articles of clothing, saying that if we were staying in his bed we had to be
naked. And we replied that we’d leave if he wanted. He, of course, said no.
We all laid in bed. Me next to the wall, Ryan in the middle, and Elizabeth on
the end. At first it was excessively uncomfortable. But we began to get
situated. And somehow after some tossing and turning it ended up that Ryan
was spooning me. Which I didn’t mind, I liked hugs and to be touched. We
had never talked about being attracted to each other or done anything up to
this point. He started to rub my back, then worked his way to my upper
abdomen, and then eventually began massaging my breasts. It felt great, and
I liked him. Of course, I’m still thinking, how can he do this with Elizabeth in
the bed also? At this point I was still wearing my pants, but he began to rub
my hip bones and his caressing got lower and lower until he was entering me.
All this time Elizabeth is still in the room, still in the bed! Eventually I situated
myself towards him and pressed my body to his, and we had our first kiss. We
continued this until all of a sudden Elizabeth got up said something about
being uncomfortable and unable to sleep so she went back to our bedroom.
He went out in the hall to see if she was still there and if she was, if she was
okay. I was so nervous that she knew and was upset with me. He came back
in and said she wasn’t out there and that she had went back into the room.
Then he approached the bed and we started kissing. I took off his shirt, and
he pulled off my pants. He then pulled me towards him and started going
down on me. Something I had not experienced yet. He was in a word,
amazing. I was surprised but excited, and I did enjoy it thoroughly. I really
was having a good time, and I was so attracted to him. I replied to his action
by returning the favor. I enjoyed that as well. We slept together (and I do
mean sleep as in counting Z’s). It was great, and I thought it could be the
beginning of something great. I of course was wrong, it was the beginning of
(please note all names have been changed to protect the participants)

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