2005-01-13 03:13:47 (UTC)

Cutting away the pain

I'm sick of crying,
I'm tired of lying,
I'm despretaly trying,
to find a way out of the is hell,
A razor blade to my wrist again,
A knife to my chest,
Everyones left me is this for the best,
I see the blood as it flows from my wrist,
Why does no one listen,
Does anybody care,
Gods never helped me,
but i still pray for his care,
wishing the pain would go away,
Can i make it another day,
puking up blood again god damn i fell like shit,
Does anyone love me,
Would they miss me if i wasn't here,
I herd my dad crying,
I herd him scream what did i do,
Were did i go wrong,
Well dad what haven't you done wrong,
you told me you hated me,
you called me insane,
you said you never wanted me,
you told me to go away,
i wish you would see how much you fucked up me,
My knife is to my throat,
I feel it as it cuts up my skin,
i'm dry of blood,
I finally cut away the pain.