mixed feelings
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2005-01-13 03:05:42 (UTC)


okay well this is one of the guyz i am in love with

hez about 5"4'
and he has brown eyes
he has spiked hair well sort of
and hes very sweet
i've known him since i was like 3 or 4 years old
i have been in love ever since
he has a sister whoz a year younger than me
but shes annoying
he knowz i like him and he likez me too
we are just to shy to admit it
hez so loveable
hez always tryin to give me hugs and tries to kiss me on
da cheek
i let him cause i feel his love for me
he might come to live where i do
and i would love that
i see him almost every year and we have the spark that iz
meant to be .
anyways got to go
send me feed backs on him

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