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2005-01-13 02:02:29 (UTC)

if the shoe fits

mrdmd83 (7:54:25 PM): what do u feel about brian?

SarahRedPrincess (7:55:33 PM): i dont know confusion i
guess, i dont even know if i care anymore

mrdmd83 (7:56:12 PM): it's easy to be taken advantage of by
an older guy

mrdmd83 (7:56:36 PM): I think he makes u think things are
your fault when it's really the opposite

SarahRedPrincess (7:57:11 PM): no i think he thinks im some
dits who is dumb and that he can pull one over on

mrdmd83 (7:57:37 PM): that's basically what I mean

SarahRedPrincess (7:57:42 PM): it makes me feel degrated

SarahRedPrincess (7:57:53 PM): like he thinks i have no brain

SarahRedPrincess (7:58:02 PM): lol i am smarter than he thinks

SarahRedPrincess (7:58:40 PM): lol and i analyze every
conversation we have

mrdmd83 (7:58:49 PM): sarah, u keep letting people use u
mrdmd83 (7:58:54 PM): u have to stop this
mrdmd83 (7:58:59 PM): it is pissing me off

SarahRedPrincess (7:59:25 PM): well part of me keeps
thinking im over analyzing

mrdmd83 (7:59:39 PM): no, u aren't
mrdmd83 (7:59:53 PM): u should never feel like u are

mrdmd83 (8:00:14 PM): about anything. it that's how u think
and feel that's how it is

SarahRedPrincess (8:02:25 PM): i guess it just he says thing
that make me think otherwise of him that he is genuine, but
my heart and mind tell me its manipulation

mrdmd83 (8:02:48 PM): always follow your heart and gut
mrdmd83 (8:03:00 PM): tell him off while u still have the
chance lol

SarahRedPrincess (8:04:24 PM): yeah but it wouldnt do any
good, he would just hang up or say okay bye after hearing me

SarahRedPrincess (8:04:34 PM): he doesnt seem to care what

SarahRedPrincess (8:05:01 PM): that probaly bothers me more
than anything else

mrdmd83 (8:05:13 PM): not if you tell him that u know he is
fucking with you and tell him off

SarahRedPrincess (8:05:15 PM): bc if i told him off it
wouldnt matter

SarahRedPrincess (8:05:41 PM): even so i dont think it would
even phaze him

mrdmd83 (8:05:57 PM): well he doesn't care now then does he.
My guess is that he only cares about sex and that's all he
wants u for

SarahRedPrincess (8:06:30 PM): well why wouldnt he be with
other girls,.... wait i dont even know that he hasent

SarahRedPrincess (8:06:38 PM): god damnit

mrdmd83 (8:06:56 PM): exactly
SarahRedPrincess (8:07:08 PM): lmao funny funny... it funny
bc i dont care

mrdmd83 (8:07:09 PM): he might be playin you right now
mrdmd83 (8:07:32 PM): well that sure says a whole lot about
your relationship

SarahRedPrincess (8:07:59 PM): i did care
SarahRedPrincess (8:08:11 PM): but so much crap has been
going on

mrdmd83 (8:08:22 PM): I knew yall wouldn't last long

SarahRedPrincess (8:08:28 PM): who knows
SarahRedPrincess (8:08:42 PM): dont say that why do i want
to hear that

SarahRedPrincess (8:09:02 PM): things like that make me want
to prove ppl wrong just bc i can

mrdmd83 (8:09:09 PM): because u should tell him to fuck off.

SarahRedPrincess (8:13:40 PM): yeah well i tell one side i
wish i knew what his side was that he tells his friends

SarahRedPrincess (8:13:55 PM): im just confused
SarahRedPrincess (8:14:45 PM): i know what i think is right,
but i dont know why but something is holding me back

mrdmd83 (8:14:57 PM): I don't care

SarahRedPrincess (8:15:01 PM): thanks

mrdmd83 (8:15:03 PM): do what u want
mrdmd83 (8:15:07 PM): well...
mrdmd83 (8:15:10 PM): wtf

SarahRedPrincess (8:15:12 PM): no no thanks

mrdmd83 (8:15:30 PM): u never take my advice so I won't
bother anymore

SarahRedPrincess (8:15:35 PM): lmao i pulled a brian
SarahRedPrincess (8:15:42 PM): he does that shit its annoying

mrdmd83 (8:15:53 PM): what did u say?

SarahRedPrincess (8:15:56 PM): he will keep saying that or
like "go have fun sarah"

SarahRedPrincess (8:16:06 PM): something nonchalant
SarahRedPrincess (8:16:12 PM): go have fun

mrdmd83 (8:16:15 PM): k, bye

SarahRedPrincess (8:16:16 PM): me~ nooo

mrdmd83 (8:16:26 PM): I pulled one on u

SarahRedPrincess (8:16:32 PM): b~ i dont care sara
SarahRedPrincess (8:16:38 PM): me~ i do
SarahRedPrincess (8:16:48 PM): B~ just go have fun il ttyl

mrdmd83 (8:16:59 PM): lol

SarahRedPrincess (8:17:07 PM): it pisses me off
SarahRedPrincess (8:17:30 PM): mind games

mrdmd83 (8:17:59 PM): well fuck him then. I'm tired of
listening to you bitch about all this stuff. It's like
trying to get a girl to leave her abusive boyfriend.

mrdmd83 (8:18:08 PM): they never do

SarahRedPrincess (8:18:17 PM): lol

mrdmd83 (8:18:23 PM): it's true

SarahRedPrincess (8:18:34 PM): i some times wonder if he is
an abuiser

SarahRedPrincess (8:18:46 PM): some of his actions make it
seem like he might

mrdmd83 (8:19:09 PM): why do u want to be with him? I don't
get it

mrdmd83 (8:19:17 PM): that was a rhetorical question btw

Because i want to figure him out.

I don’t under stand you
I analyze each and every one of our bad conversations
All the times you find ways to be upset with me or pry into
my mind
I have thought about it and I have my own opinions on all of
But what I don’t understand
Is how you can say that you can push someone away who is
close to you?
How you say you can’t be in a relation ship that causes you
to worry
If you care you will always worry
How can you say you won’t ever let yourself get screwed over?
To me it means your only going in half ass
If you were to go in it all the way, you would have to let
down that guard
The one that won’t let you get hurt
I am in it all the way
But I am wasting my time if you aren’t too.
I feel like I have opened up to you so much
I have told you things about me I don’t tell other people
But I feel like you are still a mystery to me
I feel like you have not opened up to me
So if you’re in this, then open up to me
Tell me how you think how you feel
About everything and anything
About us about your life
About past relationships
About me
About you