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2005-01-13 00:43:27 (UTC)

january 11, 2005

was talking to kristin again, but she had to go eat.
heather is being a bitch again, her and tony have been
going out for a while, and ive finally dropped the whole
thing when she pulls this shit again.

every time i get over her, she wants to start something
again. well this time im done for good! im going to ask
kristin out, or chelsey maybe........

anyways, got in a fight with nick and booby (bobby) today.
i guess they are never going to figure out im always going
to win against them. stupid fuck heads Xp

after the fight, i relaxed at moms work, i get to eat the
lunch extra's. she was a little worried about the cut on
my cheek, but it wasnt deep so she left me to it.

oh well, life has problems and all i can do is solve them

ja ne,

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