The Many Wonders of Nicole :-)
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2005-01-12 23:33:00 (UTC)


I am SO ready for this week to be over with. I have been
having a semi-decent day. Im not feeling too well though.
I upset myself too much today and I got sick walking back
from my IT class. I had a tough time today during IT, too
much stuff running through my mind. I couldnt even
concentrate when the professor would ask me a question. I
think most of my problem is that I think and stress about
certain things that I shouldnt be. But I cant help it, I
dont know why. I wish I knew why so I could fix it, but
certain feelings just wont go away. Not sure they will....

I really miss home. I worry too much about what people
think of me here. Some days I wonder if anyone here likes
me at all. If not, oh well, their loss I guess. I dont
think anyone here really knows the real me. Shoot- I dont
even know the real me anymore. Either way I look at things
right now, something is bounded to get f'ed up. Always
happens. Especially now.....starting a new life sucks
sometimes. Haha. Alrighty then, I am going to finish the
ton of homework that I have and hope my raging jealousy
doesnt get in the way like it did last night. Got NOTHING
done. Lol.....stupid emotions....that alien thing in Red
Dwarf needs to come to earth and suck all of my jealousy
feeling away.....ok bye

Until next time....

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