Niennas diary
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2005-01-12 22:46:37 (UTC)

12.january 2005

Well, today I actually managed to wake up at 6.00 A.M, but
then I fell asleep again, but my dad woke me up again at
6.20, so I reached the bus anyway. On the bus I met one of
my friends from middle school and we decided to start
jogging on wednesdays, but this week and next week, we have
to move it to friday! Since it´s wednesday today and I had
a friend coming over after school.

In the first lesson I had norwegian, I´m on page 100 in my
book now, only about 60 pages left! Then we had choir, we
are working on a big project there to, evetually it will be
really great, it just needs some time, we got our musical
notes today, so now we have started on a new part of the
play we are singing. In the lunch break I had to practise
the piano again, but I also had some time to be with my
friends, that was really nice! After lunch I had a
pianolesson, I like the fact that it´s actually one of my
subjects now, but then there is the grade... I´m kinda
worried about it. Today we worked on my Mandelson and
Handel plays, but we also had a talk about me playing to
fast, cause when I´m really nervous, and I do get really
nervous when I have my lessons with this exact teacher, I
always play much faster than I think. Then I had a free
lesson, I guess I should have done some homeworks, but it
just didn´t work out, I started to speak with my friends,
then I managed to not buy a coke, with loads of help from A
(I just don´t feel like mentioning any names online), she´s
a really good friend, but this really anoying guy had a
fanta that he was drinking in front of me while he kept
trying to make me buy a soda, it really freaked me out
cause I just have to spend money on candy and soda, I can´t
even help it, if I have money it just goes away again! In
the last lesson we had science, we looked in microscopes to
see cells, better than the stuff we normally do.

After school, A and me took the same metro as B and on our
way we bough some chips and licorice, but A managed to keep
me away from the cokes, A and I got home to my place and A
met my parents for the first time, they liked her and she
liked them, then I teached her how to make a crocodile of
pearls and we ate some homemade pizza, I had a really good