Rants Of Angel
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2005-01-12 21:19:37 (UTC)


Ok this has been a really tragic day but possibly with good

Ok when to the pub and got wasted (absinyth NEVA AGAIN)
then rang ste and blew up in his face (mistake but meh.)
then mum rang me and had a real big go at me for ditchin
work (oops) they were meant to be home at 8 to chat about it
but hey guess where they are not in the pub ! -looks

I ve really sobered up now, tried talking to Ste but he
hates me, not alot i can do iam sorry like for what i did
but if he wont let me explain what more can i do.
Besides nothing. Im not gonna say to much cause i know a
certain someone who gets e-mailed when ive updated this poor
excuse for a diary (so if your reading iam sorry) but i aint
gonna sit home and mope about it, know what i mean. loss of
1 possibly 2 good mates but hey my own fault.-shrug-

Anyway back to the positive side of things, After arguing
with my mum i told her i was staying at my nans tonight but
she didnt want me going there all upset n stuff cause it
would upset my nan so she said come home talk about it and
if you really wanna move out then we can arrange things,
Which is a mega bonus cause id have a bigger room plus i can
re decorate it. woo -dances-

I relised today how much i luurve my lil well large group of
friends are when i was really upset in the pub they all
stopped talking crowded round me and was reassuring me for
like an hour .5 (my fellow ginge lol) even threatened to
kill whoever upset me but like whats the point in that i
dont wanna fall out with him over my stupidity, so i put him
off the idea imensely but as i said
b4 nothin i can really do about it, then again in all
fairness i wouldnt talk to me either im a bastard when im
drunk i get all emotional and angry and shit its weally not
good but hey -shrug-.

But they are fantastic -dances- anyway yea my mum was meant
to be home at 8 tis now 9:15 shows how much she is willing
to talk pfft!

Anyway i gotta go do something productive such as pack.
Doubt ill be online in the future prob weekends are suumut
if i aint out.

Mental Fun With Razors :D lol (Key word: MENTAL )
Angel xx formally known as 13!7CH :P

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