Elizabeth M.
2005-01-12 17:12:20 (UTC)

I Miss you

Slipped Away Lyrics
by Avril Lavigne

Na na, na na na, na na
I miss you, miss you so bad
I don't forget you, oh it's so sad
I hope you can hear me
I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

Na na la la la na na

I didn't get around to kiss you
Goodbye on the hand
I wish that I could see you again
I know that I can't

I hope you can hear me cause I remember it clearly

The day you slipped away
Was the day I found it won't be the same

I had my wake up
Won't you wake up
I keep asking why
And I can't take it
It wasn't fake
It happened, you passed by

Now your gone, now your gone
There you go, there you go
Somewhere I can't bring you back
Now your gone, now your gone
There you go, there you go,
Somewhere your not coming back

The day you slipped away
Was the day i found it won't be the same noo..
The day you slipped away
Was the day that i found it won't be the same oooh...

Nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah
I miss you

I miss you so much!!!, as I cry listening to this song. I
feel like I have been the one who was wrong and to be
blamed for everything that has happened to us so long ago.
I know that I was the one who gave the first blown. I
regret everything I have done. I wish that you could hear
this from me. I know that you always wanted a family w/me.I
know that I killed our son and I am sorry for that, I was
scared.... and alone......I was afraid because you were
locked up. I was selfish because I wanted all three of us
together and we couldn't. I know that in your heart that
you never forgave me for that and you couldn't deal with me
doing that. I know that you hid the pain my drinking and
drugs and I know why you slept with all of those girls, to
get even with me and to cause me pain. I am the one who
caused you all the pain. But something that you don't know
is that I have suffered for my actions each and everyday of
my life.
I know that you tried to move on and had 2 more
children ...but I still feel you. Some people wont
understand that but you and I do, I know that even tho we
haven't spoke to each other for over 6 mons that you can
feel me and the pain I am in. I always knew when you called
the house phone and I always knew when you were hurt and
via versa, we have always had that bond/connection. I know
that you and I were ment to be together and I fucked it up
and look what has happened to both of us, you are in a love
less marriage/on heavy drugs and I can't find the one to
move on with/depressed/unsure of myself now. I am sorry!!!!
I found someone that reminds me of you so much and I
thought that I might have another chance, but he continues
to denie me(to be in a relationship), something that you
never did to me. I don't
know what to do anymore, I feel like I loosing control of
everything again. You were always there when this happened
to me, you used to hold me and kiss me and tell me
everything would be ok. I know that I was always the strong
one but you were always there for me, I need you now. I
hurt so much,And I know that you feel my pain right now.
This guy named Mark,... doesn't want me like I want him,
even tho we have been seeing each other for the past 4
month. What do I do? I have the same feelings that I had
for you for him. He reminds me of you, he looks at me and
stares just like you used to,he even smells like you. I
love him like I loved you and you know
that I have never loved anyone after you. You saw that when
I was with Mark Shearer and that was one of the many
reasons why I never married him, He couldn't measure up to
you. But this new Mark is pretty close. I wish you were
here to hold me and make everything go away. I don't know
what to do? I know you 2 are also very different and
that's why I love him. He can make me laugh, something that
I didn't do to often with you. HIs eyes pierce threw my
heart and everytime he looks at me, I melt.I know that he
thinks that I am crazy or
something, but that's not the case. It hurt's to know that
I am so close to happiness with Mark and I can't have it.
This is killing me!! I guess God
is still punishing me for our child. I am soooooooo sorry!
I miss him everyday. Seeing Stacy preg just reminds me when
I was. I want a family and a husband but I guess that it
will never happend to me because I am being punished.

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