2005-01-12 16:15:26 (UTC)

Ordinary Day

I spent part of yesterday sorting and then filling out
insurance forms. I really hate bureaucratic paperwork but
someone has to do it and that someone is me. Blech!

I rewarded myself by working on my Snowbound blocks in the
afternoon. I've finished appliquéing some tree blocks and
began choosing fabrics for a block showing children in
snowsuits and a house and a couple of trees and a snowman.
And a cat. But I don't particularly like the way the cat
looks so I'm using a different cat pattern. I especially
like searching for just the right fabric for each piece. Of
course, I have boxes and boxes of fabrics and naturally
they're not organized. I've tried. Really I have. But
then I get in a hurry hunting for a particular fabric I
bought oh, five or ten or maybe even fifteen years before.
I know I have it somewhere but where? And I always save the
smallest scraps, especially of my most favorite fabrics and
I hesitate using the very last piece of one I particularly
like. What is it with quilters and fabric anyway?
We've kept the fireplace going almost continually for the
past week. It helps to keep the heating cost down as it
has a fan which really does help. It's also cheerful.
After choir practice we, as usual, held hands and Pastor
Ruth asked for prayer concerns. Several of us mentioned our
sons (all of us in choir have at least one son). I had
looked at the CDC's weekly map of flu activity
earlier today and seen that there was quite a bit of flu on
the East Coast. I also haven't heard from Jack is several
weeks so I was worried. When I got home I talked to John
but he said he'd gotten an e-mail from Jack just last week
and he was fine but he sent him an e-mail for me. The
subject line read "Your Mom has been reading a book about
the flu pandemic and wants to know if you're still alive".