The Many Wonders of Nicole :-)
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2005-01-12 09:24:43 (UTC)


IIIII want to go home so bad. I cannot wait to sleep in my
own bed again far far away from here. Some of the drama
that has happened the past few days sucks hardcore. I
brought it all on myself I guess with my unsure attitude
and what not. Been thinking about transferring, think I
might talk to my mom about it this weekend. I wonder if
people here would actually miss me. Sometimes I doubt they

I dont know why it has been so hard for me here lately. It
wasnt like this last quarter :-( Oh well, life goes on. I
am SO going boarding when I go home this weekend....I miss
it so much. Then Dawn (the ex) has already invited me over
to play games and crap with her boyfriend and stuff. How
awkward....but whatever. Ok, I really need to go to bed
now. WAY past my 8 hour mark....

Until next time- me

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